Removable cover

The practical zip that runs along the perimeter of the mattress allows the cover to be removed and is available on all Orsa Maggiore models on both sides. Once the product is unlined, the cover can be washed as indicated by the labels applied to the product.

Breathable fascia and exclusive details

The perimeter fascia with the exclusive contrast piping is equipped with handles – for a more practical use of the product while moving – and are designed for the application of Top Comfort. The Airnet high breathability inlay improves air recycling within the product allowing a faster dispersion of heat and moisture, therefore a better hygiene.

Twin set

Orsa Maggiore mattresses are available on request with an additional and interchangeable cover for the seat, allowing the user to sleep on mattress normally covered while washing and sanitizing the just used cover.

Orsa Knit Modern & Luxury

A collection that fascinates from the first glance. The mattress is the main character in the bedroom when the cosmopolitan charme becomes “de rigeur”. The fabrics Orsa Knit Modern, pure, endearing and modish, and Orsa Knit Luxury, precious, gentle and timeless, overcome the traditional conception of the mattress cover we are usually accustomed to, creating proper “instant classic” from time to time. But the look isn’t an end unto itself: the incredibly silky and smooth feeling blends perfectly with the fabric’s anti-pilling properties, and the many healthy qualities that come from the applied treatments.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera emollient extract has long been valued for its healing benefits. It contains over 75 beneficial nutrients and 200 active compounds, and scientific studies have shown that when applied as a fabric treatment, Aloe Vera has a positive balancing effect on our sleep and well being.


The perfect combination of natural softening, anti-bacterial, and eco-friendly properties comprise a perfect blend which makes Aloe Vera an excellent natural treatment.

Silver Clean

Silver Clean has a safe bacteriostatic effect against a large number of gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, including MRSA (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) as well as some yeasts and micro-fungi. The high-tech functionality of Silver Clean effectively reduces the formation of odor caused by bacteria. It acts on the bacterial cell membrane, inhibits the functioning of the microorganism and interrupts the food chain of dust mites, resulting in a more hygienic a antiseptic fabric.


Largely used in the pediatric environment, this special element is made entirely of antiseptic material, and can be found even in bedding application, being highly breathable, lightweight, elastic and non-deformable. Technically, Airnet creates an “empty volume” which allows a considerable air recycle, ensuring the proper ventilation of the product at its inside.


Decades of development by leading experts in medicine, physics and biology, as well as a dedicated Scientific Advisory Board, led to the creation of a fiber loaded with a potent mix of thermo-reactive minerals. Powered by our own metabolism, like an hybrid engine it recycles and converts radiant body heat into infrared energy which gives vigor and vitality to the body. The active minerals in Celliant™ are ground into particles smaller than a single micron, about 100 times thinner than a human hair, so millions of these minerals are extruded into a resin that is loaded directly into the core of the fiber. This process means Celliant™ technology lasts the lifetime of the mineral and it will never wash out or breakdown.

Infrared light is a natural occurring wavelength just outside the visible light spectrum and is widely recognized for having positive effects on the body. It is a medically proven vasodilator, which means it promotes circulation, increases tissue oxygen levels, enhances cell vitality and regulates body temperature.

Infrared light is commonly used by hospitals and doctors as a therapeutic treatment for conditions ranging from high blood pressure and congestive heart failure to muscle tears and rheumatoid arthritis. Celliant used in bedding has been clinically proven to enhance the effective rest from sleep, with subjects falling asleep 15 minutes faster on average in a pilot study.

Soft Foam

Due to its low density, this particular polyurethane is characterized by an unusually soft feel and an extraordinarily muffling consistency, finding its natural use in quilting and topper applications.