Removable cover

The practical zip that runs along the perimeter of the mattress allows the cover to be removed and is available on all Orsa Maggiore models on both sides. Once the product is unlined, the cover can be washed as indicated by the labels applied to the product.

Breathable fascia and exclusive details

The perimeter fascia with the exclusive contrast piping is equipped with handles – for a more practical use of the product while moving – and are designed for the application of Top Comfort. The Airnet high breathability inlay improves air recycling within the product allowing a faster dispersion of heat and moisture, therefore a better hygiene.

Twin set

Orsa Maggiore mattresses are available on request with an additional and interchangeable cover for the seat, allowing the user to sleep on mattress normally covered while washing and sanitizing the just used cover.

Orsa Knit Modern & Luxury

A collection that fascinates from the first glance. The mattress is the main character in the bedroom when the cosmopolitan charme becomes “de rigeur”. The fabrics Orsa Knit Modern, pure, endearing and modish, and Orsa Knit Luxury, precious, gentle and timeless, overcome the traditional conception of the mattress cover we are usually accustomed to, creating proper “instant classic” from time to time. But the look isn’t an end unto itself: the incredibly silky and smooth feeling blends perfectly with the fabric’s anti-pilling properties, and the many healthy qualities that come from the applied treatments.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera emollient extract has long been valued for its healing benefits. It contains over 75 beneficial nutrients and 200 active compounds, and scientific studies have shown that when applied as a fabric treatment, Aloe Vera has a positive balancing effect on our sleep and well being.

The perfect combination of natural softening, anti-bacterial, and eco-friendly properties comprise a perfect blend which makes Aloe Vera an excellent natural treatment

Feran Ice™

Due to its permanent hydrophilic function Feran Ice produces a faster moisture transport on textiles. An improved moisture transport also means a better distribution of moisture on the surface, as a result, the evaporation performance of the textile increases and it dries much quicker, which is especially advantageous for hygiene. Since the moisture evaporates on the outside of the fabric, instead of on the skin, a pleasant cool effect arises.


Largely used in the pediatric environment, this special element is made entirely of antiseptic material, and can be found even in bedding application, being highly breathable, lightweight, elastic and non-deformable. Technically, Airnet creates an “empty volume” which allows a considerable air recycle, ensuring the proper ventilation of the product at its inside.

Omnia Ingeo™

An unparalleled padding system which combines high breathability, high comfort and excellent freshness / heat balance, all in a wholly healthy and natural product. Omnia Ingeo™ uses a unique blend of cashmere, silk, white linen and bamboo fiber, thermally bonded in a multilayer composition using Ingeo™, a plant transformation process that ensures a minimal environmental impact and a natural tactile feel. At the same time, Ingeo™ is a breathable and an hypoallergenic product, thus it doesn’t retain odors, hinders bacterial proliferation then doesn’t cause any allergic reaction.


Cashmere region is spread between Afghanistan, India, China and Mongolia, where the “hircus” goats, known for their precious golden fleece are breeded. Cashmere comes from the undercoat of these animals, and is made up of thousands of the most soft and finest fibers. Cashmere coat is renowned for its lightness, its thermal properties and the pleasing, soft, silky feel that it gives to the touch.


Silk is a protein fiber obtained from the sericulture from particular categories of Lepidoptera. It reflects light with inimitable brilliancy and easily absorbs the dyes with particularly richness of shades. Silk thread is particularly durable and elastic, and the simple contact with air allows it to keep unaltered its freshness, hygroscopic and thermal insulation properties.

White linen

White linen is the oldest textile fiber in the world: comfortable, suitable for any season, insulating in winter and fresh during summer, it regulates body temperature and is healthy for skin, it is delicate and soft thus is hypoallergenic and antibacterial. The particular morphology of its fiber gives the product high hygroscopic features which allow immediate absorption and evaporation of liquids: this results in a pleasant feeling of freshness and comfort.


Bamboo fiber is farmed in mountain crops free from pollution and pesticides with processing techniques which have a minimal environmental impact. Thanks to its hollow structure, it has excellent breathability and insulation qualities, along with antibacterial and natural deodorant benefits; this fiber also contains pectin, which gives emollient, regenerating and nutritional properties.

Soft Foam

Due to its low density, this particular polyurethane is characterized by an unusually soft feel and an extraordinarily muffling consistency, finding its natural use in quilting and topper applications.