Pocket springs

Pocket spring was the real revolution in bedding, years later it still wonders. New supporting systems, increasingly advanced and sophisticated, are made with differentiated bearing zones making the whole structure considerably more accurate to body and weighing stresses on the surface. The range of supports, so the application possibilities, is further extended thanks to the use of springs with different height, size and stiffness, to reach higher standards of compression ratios and ergonomics. The combination of different types of springs led the creation of Pocket Pyramid, an integrated system of superb and unmatched support and ergonomics qualities; Orsa Maggiore also features the exclusive Cotton Pocket spring, where the spring pockets are made of pure cotton which has a better noise absorption than the classic non-woven fabric providing a rather natural feature to the finished product at the same time, then a remarkable luxury.

Gaia® – foam

A name from ancient origins and illustrious paternity what the English scholar James Lovelock chose in the late 1960s to define his interpretation of Earth as a living system that breathes and evolves: Gaia, the goddess of Earth in Greek mythology. Gaia® consists of water, raw materials derived from renewables such as soybean, whose fatty acids are involved in the regeneration and water balancing of the skin, and a mix of essential oils – extracted from officinal herbs such as chamomile, cypress, lavender, salvia officinalis, neroli and so on – which give health to the skin, as in cosmetics, providing energy and focus, so being beneficial for the body and mind, representing the natural coadjuvant ideal to improve the quality of rest.


Dryfeel® is designed to offer a completely open cellular structure that allows a complete moisture transport, a quick and effective drainage which ensures maximum comfort and breathability. It is a different type of foam specifically developed to have high support properties despite the high porosity of the material. Moreover it is treated with biocides which destroy harmful organisms such as bacteria, molds and fungi.