The pleasant sensation of being touched and bounded by something that doesn’t seem to have any weight: this is the magic of the feather that, owing to its excellent thermal properties, is loved by those who find wellbeing in an enveloping warmth. Enhanced by modern technology, now solid partner of noble and natural raw materials, feather quilts and goose down are ancient works refined over time, where classic and modern meet and merge.

Feather is soft and light but at the same time warm, waterproof and breathable. Combined with an easy maintenance and biodegradability, these features make this element unique. As unique as the respect of quality standards, nature and animals, guaranteed by the numerous certifications that must be demonstrated and product labeling: each item is tracked, and the origin and care of the animal is known.


100% Virgin White Goose Down – 128 g/m²

Thermal capacity: ****

Origin: Mongolia

RWhite downproof 100% cotton fabric, 400 TC

4-Season Duvet

100% White Goose Down – 100 + 160 g/m²

Thermal capacity: ***+*

Origin: Siberia

White downproof 100% cotton fabric, 280 TC

Down Quilt

100% Virgin White Goose Down – 170 g/m²

Thermal capacity: *****

69% linen, 23% wool, 8% polyamide fabric matched with downproof 100% cotton fabric