Seta and Cashmere

There are such fine and exclusive yarns that do not need artificial decorations to express their elegance. Silk and cashmere are renowned for their lightness, thermal properties and pleasant and velvety feel. Consisting of thousands of very soft fibres, the fur of Cashmere and the fine silk organzine create superb fabrics that are pure poetry.

Classic nuances and mother-of-pearl details recount a refined and charming bedroom. As if from a historic Italian tailoring, the pure silk parure with duvet cover and pure cashmere blanket show the style and quality of the high manufacturing, in balance between classic and modern, minimalist and exuberant.



Pure Silk 100%

Thread count: 670 TC

Duvet cover parure:

duvet cover with flounce and mother-of-pearl buttons

pillowscases with flounces and mother-of-pearl buttons



Cashmere 100%

Thread count: 75 TC