“Orsa Maggiore is a clear example of a renewed Italy without forgetting its origins. It comprises a cohesive group of highly motivated people, who carry out their work with great passion, and are eager to convey this passion. Thus, the new generation is young, enterprising and attentive to the new trends of furniture industry and the market; an achievement that allowed us to march in step with progress and, to some extent, even further.”

Emiliana Colombo


“Nowadays the bed must satisfy a precise combination of quality and ergonomics, because there are different individual needs for support and comfort during sleep: this means creating intelligent solutions developed carefully and knowingly and characterized by a high level of style and craftsmanship, as well as the choice of materials and finishes, with the aim of achieving the optimal balance between these two terms of assessment.”

Cesare Citterio


“A good bed counts for much, but not all. We like to be pragmatic, certainly, but we also know that a product, even if excellent, is not complete until it conveys real feelings. How could we fail to be aware of this since this is the element that, more than any other in the house, is synonymous with pleasure and well-being? That’s what pleasure becomes when it arouses emotions. So the bed becomes a valued and refined piece of furniture in such a way that it holds center stage, in the bedroom.”

Mara Citterio